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Composer, Music For Picture

This is a Collection of neo-classical style, smooth jazz, easy listening and movie sound tracks.
I compose music for film, television and video.

I was brought up around music. Dad had his own orchestra, played every weekend and regularly held band practice at the house. Piano seemed easy to learn, probably because I wanted play. My first lessons began at age four and my last lessons ended at 18 year old. 

I studied classical piano early on, affording me the dexterity and knowledge that I use in composing. From the classics, I ventured into jazz, music theory and improvisation. I am fortunate to still maintain “perfect pitch”, which is recognizing what note is being played by just hearing it. My songs are a mix of neoclassical, jazz, romantic and pensive styles. When writing a song, it is neither planned nor premeditated. I click record on my keyboard and start playing. It all happens in real time. 

My aspiration is to write for film, documentary, TV and streaming video. 




Produced by

John Parenti for

Executive Producer

Jane L. Frederick

The Players

Roberto Vally
Allen Hinds
Tony Guerrero
Marc Antoine
Jamie Muhoberac
Greg Vail

Patrick Woodland

Gabe Witcher

Shane Theriot

Bob Somma

Jeff Kashiwa

Andre Berry

Jeff Babko

Nic tenBroek

John Parenti

John Giannone

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